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Though I can't imagine why anyone would want to know anything about me (my nickname is pathETIC...), I'll scribble down a few lines, it seems to be the standard procedure:


As I said, I am Goran Aleksic. Born in January. In a maternity hospital. Seems only yesterday... Perhaps the biographies like mine are not meant for WWW sites.

It's not that I'm a secret agent, but it bores me to write what I will be bored to read. blahblahblah... and then, I got my first computer... It was a mean machine - Commodore64+. Can't say I was truly a pioneer. I bought it when it was 550 DEM.

What a game it was! Tryin' to recall some games: LodeRunner, CouldronII, Turbo250:), LeaderBord Golf, Pool, SuperNudge, Batty, (Elite and SimmCity didn't work)... I was scribbling some programs in Basic. Later on, I got Simon's Basic unit...

I'm not getting sentimental really, nor am I looking for a soul mate (by the way, my favorite movie is DeerHunter). I only want to say that I see myself as a moderately informed laymen where computer stuff is concerned. And why am I saying this?

Because I really want to say something else. It's little weird where all this following Bill Gates the Guru has got us. We live in a world of gigaBytes, moving toward the gigaHertz, we own or can obtain the machines we could only have dreamt of some years ago - or we never dreamed of.

We called Commodore 64 a computer, and nowadays most of us can afford a HDisk hundred thousand times greater than those 64 kB. But, I don't have the impression that we also use hundred thousand times better programs. And I was a bit disappointed when I compared the speed of 486DX4 with 100 MHz to the speed of Commodore 64. The test program in Qbasic ran only 24.8 times faster then Basic V2 on Commodore.

This chase after RAM megabytes, disk gigabytes runs in vicious circles. No sooner are they gotten, but they turn out inadequate for normal work on account of the concurrent chase after new software. Which only goes to show that, unlike me, Bill&Co. know very well what they're doing.

I find it difficult to believe that my c:\windows\system must have as many megabytes as it does, and as many (a great many...) dynamic link libraries and whatnot - it scares me to check how much it's got.

I keep hoping that a Russian guy, a Japanese, a Cleverinsky from Budjanovci, Yu, a free-lance SoftwareMessiah, will come up with Windows which will occupy 1.5 MB and will run faster. Couldn't those programs be more compiled and take up less space?

Anyway, those 64 kB Commodore had were good enough to me. When you needed a program - you wrote it. I tried to write Word for Windows, but I gave up...

This Homepage (previous version...) was made in Notepad (Win3.11). With a little help of my friends...

For example, my friend Charlie is a designer. First I ask him for advice and then I go and do as I wish. That's how Charlie got interested in clinical psychiatry...

The English half of this Homepage was first undertaken by Mr Srdjan Mitic and Yours Truly.

Yours Truly sort of got lost in the maze of English syntax. Then Cinderella showed up... and when the clock struck midnight - I had the English version. And the glass slipper...

Here I must mention Mr. Elmo Ivy and thank him for the freeware program which proved very useful to me.

It enables the previews of BMP, GIF and JPEG images. I was often unable to view a *.gif or a *.jpg in one program, and had to start another one (or two) to open them. This no longer happens - since I use msherc.exe. The program is meant for those of us who have Hercules monochrome monitors.

This would be the few lines About Me.